The bits and bobs about this delightful…

English bear

Within the Forest of Leeds. the adult bears would say that Mr. Biddle is the most polite, intelligent, responsible, and well-dressed bear in all of England. On a perfect day, Mr. Biddle enjoys an English breakfast of smoked trout, fresh seasonal berries, and croissants with butter and black currant jam— ensuring that no savory flavor touches the other.

After breakfast, Mr. Biddle strolls down the path to Twickenham Library, where he spends much of his day reading. His favorite subject is history. There is nothing more exciting to Mr. Biddle than studying ancient tales from the past.


© AM/Mr. Biddle Enterprises, Inc. – Taken from Mr. Biddle and the Squirrel’s Tale


Often in the afternoon, he goes fishing with his best friend, Alexander Tortoise. They discuss important matters such as, “Why are bees so small?” and “Where does snow go when it melts?” In the evenings, Mr. Biddle enjoys spending time inside his cozy home at 858 Bearington Place, which is several miles away from Town Square.

After a hot supper, Mr. Biddle and Nigel Owl can be found at his desk studying maps and photographs of far away places. He dreams of one day seeing the Australian rain forests and the Great Barrier Reef.

Every now and then, on special days, perhaps twice a year, Mr. Biddle receives a letter from his grandfather, The Great Horatio Biddle. His grandfather is the bravest, wisest, most adventurous, and most respected bear in the world. Mr. Biddle loves reading about his grandfather’s travels to dangerous lands and learning how to carry the family name with honor.

Even though Mr. Biddle is studious, thoughtful, and well-dressed, he remains a shy bear. Letters from The Great Horatio Biddle give Mr. Biddle the hope that one day he could be as brave as his grandfather.  


-Bits and bobs is a British expression meaning a random assortment of things.