As an explorer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author, Anne Mason’s 

life reads like an extraordinary adventure book.  Her journey began as 

young girl traveling and studying throughout Europe, especially

England, where she developed her love of teddy bears.  In the following

years, she took to exploring new heights, literally, as she scaled the

frigid ascent to Mt. Everest’s Base Camp (17,600 ft). From there she 

appeared as a principal actor in the 2009 adventure documentary film,

Journey to Everestwherein the American team narrowly escaped an icy

fate after they were bumped from a flight at Lukla airport that would 

later crash in the mountains.


Back in the States, while recovering from a serious illness that 

suspended her traveling adventures, she took to exploring the confines

of her own imagination.  It was through this inward self-discovery that

Anne first combined her passion for the teddy bear and her love of

children to create the world of the delightfully wonderful “Mr. Biddle.”

Through a single teddy bear and his forest friends, Anne began her

recovery and built up a world that would allow others to experience

the profound importance of friendship, adventure, learning and gratitude

that she had learned throughout her own travels.


Anne invites you to join Mr. Biddle in the Forest of Leeds to explore

the bits and bobs that make up all of us, and to experience the story 

you’ll be retelling for years to come.



Anne Mason has been invited as a special guest to attend the World Literacy Summit held in the Sheldonian, University of Oxford, United Kingdom and will commence the 25th of March 2018. It will serve as a unique opportunity for delegates to collaborate, share ideas, learn and be united to close the global literacy gap in the 21st century. The Summit provides a platform for debate, discussion and sharing of knowledge between some of the world’s most ardent literacy and educational  leaders, institutions, organizations and pioneers.

Champions of literacy will come from various countries and professional sectors to gather for a 3-day international event. Previous speakers have included Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands and representatives from UNESCO, UNICEF, Global Partnership for Education, National Literacy Trust, World Reader, Books for Africa and LitWorld, Save the Children, World Vision, Plan International, University of Auckland, University of London, Charles Sturt University, Monash University, University of KwaZulu-Natal and many more. 

– World Literacy Foundation


 Sheldonian Theatre, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

CVH 1st Class Magazine

Cheshire, England – January 2018